Gary Chicago Airport Reviews


Gary Chicago Airport Reviews

Gary/Chicago International Airport (IATA: GYY, ICAO: KGYY, FAA LID: GYY) is a public airport three miles northwest of Gary, in Lake County, Indiana, 25 miles (40 km) southeast of the Chicago Loop. It is operated by the Gary Chicago Airport Authority, the basis for which was formed by the Chicago Gary Airport Compact signed in 1995. Nearby highway connections include I-90, I-80, I-94, I-65 and the Chicago Skyway.

Gary/Chicago International Airport was once served by Pan Am, Southeast Airlines, SkyValue Airlines, Skybus Airlines and Hooters Air, with flights to cities such as Hartford, Connecticut; St. Petersburg, Florida; Greensboro, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Prior to its bankruptcy in 2004 ATA Airlines planned turboprop service to several Indiana cities by its subsidiary, Chicago Express/ATA Connection, but the service was never started as Chicago Express Airlines was grounded in March 2005. Before ultimately choosing to serve Chicago O’Hare International Airport in 2006, JetBlue Airways considered flights to Gary/Chicago International Airport.

Gary/Chicago is the official “third airport” for the Chicago metropolitan area, supplementing Chicago’s major airports, O’Hare and Midway. Gary/Chicago Airport has been designed with an eye towards growth, and the administration is courting airlines aggressively.


ATMs / Cash Machines – Information not available
Car Rentals – Enterprise • Hertz. Location: unknown.
Currency Exchange – not available
Food / Dining – Information not available
Information Desk – not available
Luggage Storage / Lockers – not available
Mobile Charging – Use the electrical outlets on the wall.
Showers – not available
Internet: not available

Airport Hours:
closed at night

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Gary Chicago Airport Weather Forecast

Forecast for Gary%C2%A4002fChicago_International_Airport

Hotel Gary%C2%A4002fChicago_International_Airport

Forecast for Gary%C2%A4002fChicago_International_Airport  Precip. Temp. Wind speed
20.02.2018 00–06 Heavy rain 5 mm 13 °C Fresh breeze from South-southwest 9 m/s
06–12 Rain 4 mm 13 °C Fresh breeze from South-southwest 8 m/s
12–18 Heavy rain 7 mm 16 °C Fresh breeze from South-southwest 8 m/s
18–24 Heavy rain 16 mm 16 °C Fresh breeze from Southwest 9 m/s
21.02.2018 00–06 Heavy snow 6 mm 3 °C Gentle breeze from North-northwest 5 m/s
06–12 Partly cloudy 0 mm -2 °C Moderate breeze from North-northwest 6 m/s
12–18 Cloudy 0 mm -1 °C Moderate breeze from North 7 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm -1 °C Moderate breeze from North-northeast 6 m/s
22.02.2018 00–06 Partly cloudy 0 mm 0 °C Moderate breeze from Northeast 6 m/s
06–12 Fair 0 mm 0 °C Moderate breeze from East-northeast 6 m/s
12–18 Cloudy 0 mm 6 °C Gentle breeze from East 4 m/s
18–24 Cloudy 0 mm 5 °C Gentle breeze from East-southeast 5 m/s
23.02.2018 00–06 Cloudy 0 mm 5 °C Gentle breeze from Southeast 5 m/s
06–12 Light rain <1 mm 6 °C Gentle breeze from Southwest 4 m/s
12–18 Partly cloudy 0 mm 7 °C Gentle breeze from West 4 m/s
18–24 Cloudy 0 mm 5 °C Light breeze from West-northwest 3 m/s
24.02.2018 00–06 Cloudy 0 mm 2 °C Gentle breeze from Northeast 3 m/s
06–12 Rain 1 mm 2 °C Gentle breeze from Northeast 5 m/s
12–18 Cloudy 0 mm 4 °C Gentle breeze from Northeast 4 m/s
18–24 Light sleet <1 mm 4 °C Light air from North-northeast 1 m/s
25.02.2018 00–06 Cloudy 0 mm 1 °C Moderate breeze from West 7 m/s
06–12 Clear sky 0 mm 0 °C Moderate breeze from West-northwest 8 m/s
12–18 Clear sky 0 mm 4 °C Gentle breeze from West 5 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 2 °C Light breeze from South-southwest 3 m/s