Iran Aseman Airlines Reviews


Iran Aseman Airlines Reviews

Iran Aseman Airlines or Aseman(Persian: هواپیمایی آسمان‎) is an airline based in Tehran, Iran, operating scheduled domestic and regional flights within the Persian Gulf area, as well as charter and air taxi services.

The airline was established and started operations in 1980. In March 2007 it was owned by Iranian Civil Pension Fund Investment Company and had 298 employees. It has since been privatized. According to an aviation website, the airline’s historic links go back to 1958 to the airline Air Taxi Co., which became Pars Air in the 1970s and later Iran Aseman Airlines. Aseman was the first aviation company in the Middle East to provide Air Ambulance services. The airline is only one of a few worldwide to still operate the Boeing 727 in scheduled passenger service. One of the reasons for this is the US trade restrictions on Iran that prevent the airline from acquiring newer Boeing aircraft. One of the two Airbus A340’s belonging to the airline is held in Lourdes, also due to US trade restrictions on Iran.

Iran Aseman Airlines is the sole representative in the Middle East of the Dassault-Breguet Mystere-Falcon company, and it is the only independent company in the Islamic Republic of Iran that operates two Jet Falcon 20 aircraft for air ambulance services.

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