St Johns Airport Reviews


St Johns Airport Reviews

St. John’s International Airport (IATA: YYT, ICAO: CYYT) is an international airport located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) northwest of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada that serves the St. John’s Metro Area and the Avalon Peninsula. The airport is part of the National Airports System, and is operated by St. John’s International Airport Authority Inc.

The St. John’s airport is classified as an airport of entry by NAV CANADA and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency. CBSA officers at this airport currently can handle aircraft with no more than 165 passengers, however they can handle up to 450 if the aircraft is unloaded in stages.

St. John’s airport air terminal was completely renovated, expanded and modernized by architect John Hearn to meet the standards of other airport terminals its size across North America. The airport has undergone more renovations since then and plans are in place to prepare 300 acres (1.2 km2) of land to build an industrial park adjacent to the airport.

The St. John’s airport was designated as one of five Canadian airports suitable as an emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle orbiter.

St. John’s International Airport has added seasonal flights to Montego Bay (SunWing) and Orlando (WestJet). Flights to Fort McMurray, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton on Air Canada all include stops in either Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal. Since then SJIAA has been growing rapidly.


ATMs / Cash Machines – Yes. Location: Landside & Airside
Car Rentals – Avis • Budget • Enterprise • Hertz • National • Thrifty. Location: each company has on-site counters.
Children’s Play Areas – Location: Landside & Airside
Currency Exchange – Information not available
Food / Dining – There is a 24-hour Tim Hortons located on the first floor (landside).
»Landside: Coyote Jacks • On the Fly • Tim Hortons • Destinations Restaurant & Bar
»Airside: Tim Hortons
Information Desk – Information not available
Luggage Storage / Lockers – not available
Quiet Room – Location: Landside, 3rd Floor
Showers – not available
Internet: Free WiFi is available at the St. John’s Airport.

Airport Hours:
Open 24 hours

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St. John’s Airport Weather Forecast

Forecast for St._John%27s_International_Airport

Hotel St._John%27s_International_Airport

Forecast for St._John%27s_International_Airport  Precip. Temp. Wind speed
21.01.2018 12:30:00–18:30:24 Fair 0 mm -2 °C Fresh breeze from West 10 m/s
18:30:00–24:30:24 Partly cloudy 0 mm -5 °C Fresh breeze from West 8 m/s
22.01.2018 00:30:00–06:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -7 °C Fresh breeze from West 10 m/s
06:30:00–12:30:24 Partly cloudy 0 mm -8 °C Fresh breeze from West 8 m/s
12:30:00–18:30:24 Partly cloudy 0 mm -7 °C Fresh breeze from West 10 m/s
18:30:00–24:30:24 Clear sky 0 mm -8 °C Fresh breeze from West-northwest 9 m/s
23.01.2018 00:30:00–06:30:24 Clear sky 0 mm -9 °C Moderate breeze from West-northwest 7 m/s
06:30:00–12:30:24 Clear sky 0 mm -10 °C Gentle breeze from West-southwest 5 m/s
12:30:00–18:30:24 Partly cloudy 0 mm -6 °C Gentle breeze from West-southwest 5 m/s
18:30:00–24:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -6 °C Light breeze from Southwest 3 m/s
21:30:00–03:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -7 °C Light breeze from South 3 m/s
24.01.2018 03:30:00–09:30:24 Light rain <1 mm -1 °C Moderate breeze from South-southeast 7 m/s
09:30:00–15:30:24 Rain 4 mm 2 °C Strong breeze from South-southeast 11 m/s
15:30:00–21:30:24 Clear sky 0 mm 7 °C Strong breeze from South 13 m/s
21:30:00–03:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm 3 °C Fresh breeze from Southwest 9 m/s
25.01.2018 03:30:00–09:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm 2 °C Fresh breeze from West-southwest 10 m/s
09:30:00–15:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -2 °C Strong breeze from West 12 m/s
15:30:00–21:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -2 °C Moderate breeze from West-southwest 8 m/s
21:30:00–03:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -4 °C Light breeze from West-southwest 2 m/s
26.01.2018 03:30:00–09:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -5 °C Light air from North 2 m/s
09:30:00–15:30:24 Light snow <1 mm -6 °C Gentle breeze from West-northwest 5 m/s
15:30:00–21:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -4 °C Moderate breeze from North-northwest 6 m/s
21:30:00–03:30:24 Cloudy 0 mm -6 °C Gentle breeze from North-northwest 5 m/s