Shenzhen Airport Reviews


Shenzhen Airport Reviews

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (formerly Shenzhen Huangtian Airport) (IATA: SZX, ICAO: ZGSZ) is located near Huangtian and Fuyong villages in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Shenzhen Airport is 32 km northwest of the city center. It is the hub for Shenzhen Airlines and cargo airlines Shenzhen Donghai Airlines and SF Airlines. Shenzhen airport is a focus city for China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines. The airport also serves as an Asian-Pacific cargo hub for UPS Airlines. The airport is undergoing major expansion with a new terminal under construction. A second runway was also recently completed. It is one of the three largest airport hubs serving southern China, alongside Hong Kong International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The airport also has direct ferry routes to Hong Kong International Airport, where passengers can transit without going through immigration and custom checks, akin to transit between two flights.

In comparison with Hong Kong International Airport, Shenzhen International Airport offers greater connectivity to domestic Chinese cities at a cheaper ticket prices and lower taxes but is less convenient for Hong Kong residents. For the international traveler, the airport suffers from, in comparative terms, low levels of spoken English and long-haul air connections outside of Asia.


ATMs / Cash Machines – Information not available
Car Rentals – Airport Express Shuttle Bus
Currency Exchange – Location: International Terminal Departure Hall
Dressing Rooms – Location: Arrival Baggage Claim Area, Landside
Food / Dining – Information not available
Information Desk – Information not available
Luggage Carts – Free carts are located in Terminal A, at the central door of the Departure Hall (2nd floor) and the Terminal A and B Arrival Baggage Claim Areas on the first floor.
Luggage Storage / Lockers – Information not available
Showers – Information not available
Internet: Information not available

Airport Hours:
The airport closes at 12am

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Shenzhen Airport Weather Forecast

Forecast for Shenzhen_Bao%27an_International_Airport

Hotel Shenzhen_Bao%27an_International_Airport

Forecast for Shenzhen_Bao%27an_International_Airport  Precip. Temp. Wind speed
25.02.2018 16–18 Partly cloudy 0 mm 20 °C Moderate breeze from North 6 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 19 °C Moderate breeze from North-northeast 6 m/s
26.02.2018 00–06 Cloudy 0 mm 16 °C Moderate breeze from North-northeast 7 m/s
06–12 Fair 0 mm 15 °C Moderate breeze from North-northeast 6 m/s
12–18 Clear sky 0 mm 20 °C Light air from West-northwest 1 m/s
18–24 Clear sky 0 mm 19 °C Gentle breeze from South-southwest 4 m/s
27.02.2018 00–06 Fair 0 mm 17 °C Moderate breeze from East-southeast 6 m/s
06–12 Fair 0 mm 15 °C Gentle breeze from East 5 m/s
12–18 Partly cloudy 0 mm 21 °C Light air from South-southeast 1 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 20 °C Light breeze from Southeast 3 m/s
28.02.2018 02–08 Cloudy 0 mm 19 °C Gentle breeze from East-southeast 4 m/s
08–14 Partly cloudy 0 mm 19 °C Light breeze from North-northeast 2 m/s
14–20 Clear sky 0 mm 22 °C Light breeze from South-southeast 3 m/s
20–02 Clear sky 0 mm 20 °C Gentle breeze from South 5 m/s
01.03.2018 02–08 Cloudy 0 mm 18 °C Light breeze from South-southeast 2 m/s
08–14 Cloudy 0 mm 18 °C Light breeze from Southeast 2 m/s
14–20 Fair 0 mm 22 °C Gentle breeze from South-southwest 5 m/s
20–02 Cloudy 0 mm 20 °C Gentle breeze from South-southeast 5 m/s
02.03.2018 02–08 Cloudy 0 mm 20 °C Gentle breeze from East-southeast 5 m/s
08–14 Partly cloudy 0 mm 21 °C Moderate breeze from Southeast 6 m/s
14–20 Fair 0 mm 23 °C Moderate breeze from South-southeast 7 m/s
20–02 Cloudy 0 mm 21 °C Moderate breeze from Southeast 6 m/s