Moncton Airport Reviews


Moncton Airport Reviews

Moncton Airport also known as Greater Moncton International Airport (French: Aéroport international du Grand Moncton) or Moncton/Greater Moncton International Airport (IATA: YQM, ICAO: CYQM) is located in the city of Dieppe 4 nautical miles (7.4 km; 4.6 mi) east northeast of downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

The Moncton Airport has experienced rapid growth. Between 1997 and 2011 passenger traffic increased over 140% to the current figure of 579,329. The Moncton Airport handled 23,035 metric tons (25,392 short tons) of cargo in 2011. Aircraft movements have gone down in the last two years, from a height of 158,456 movements in 2009 to 79,026 in 2011, mostly due to a slowdown of activities at the Moncton Flight College.

The Moncton Airport is classified as an airport of entry by NAV CANADA and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency. CBSA officers at this airport currently can handle aircraft with up to 225 passengers. Nevertheless planes as large as the 580 passenger Boeing 747 have been handled.

Moncton Airport is home to the Moncton Flight College, the largest flight college in Canada. Moncton Airport is currently the 23rd busiest airport in Canada by aircraft movements.


ATMs / Cash Machines – Location: central area on the main level (near the car rental agencies)
Car Rentals – Avis • Budget • Hertz • National. Location: main level.
Currency Exchange – Information not available
Food / Dining – The airport food court is located on the main level of the terminal. Snack and beverage vending machines can also be found airside and landside.
Landside: Destinations Lounge is accessible to passengers and non-passengers. Location: Mezzanine
Information Desk – Information not available
Luggage Storage / Lockers – not available
Observation Desk: Location: Mezzanine, landside
Rest Area – The airport’s web site states that they have a rest area room. Features and location of this room are unknown.
Showers – not available
Smoking – Smoking is not permitted inside the terminal. There are designated smoking areas located outside (landside).
Internet: WiFi is available at the Moncton Airport for a fee.

Airport Hours:
Information not available

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Moncton/ Greater Moncton International Airport Map

Moncton/ Greater Moncton International Airport Weather Forecast

Forecast for Greater_Moncton_International_Airport

Hotel Greater_Moncton_International_Airport

Forecast for Greater_Moncton_International_Airport  Precip. Temp. Wind speed
23.09.2017 19–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 21 °C Light breeze from West-southwest 3 m/s
24.09.2017 00–06 Fair 0 mm 16 °C Light breeze from Northeast 3 m/s
06–12 Fair 0 mm 13 °C Light air from Southeast 1 m/s
12–18 Partly cloudy 0 mm 23 °C Light breeze from South-southwest 2 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 25 °C Light air from Southwest 1 m/s
25.09.2017 00–06 Cloudy 0 mm 18 °C Light breeze from North 3 m/s
06–12 Partly cloudy 0 mm 14 °C Light breeze from North 2 m/s
12–18 Clear sky 0 mm 19 °C Light air from Northeast 1 m/s
18–24 Clear sky 0 mm 23 °C Light breeze from South 3 m/s
26.09.2017 00–06 Partly cloudy 0 mm 19 °C Gentle breeze from Southwest 4 m/s
06–12 Partly cloudy 0 mm 18 °C Moderate breeze from West-southwest 6 m/s
09–15 Fair 0 mm 19 °C Gentle breeze from West-southwest 5 m/s
15–21 Rain showers 2 mm 28 °C Gentle breeze from West 4 m/s
21–03 Cloudy 0 mm 15 °C Light breeze from Northeast 3 m/s
27.09.2017 03–09 Rain 2 mm 15 °C Light breeze from East-northeast 3 m/s
09–15 Rain 4 mm 14 °C Light breeze from East 3 m/s
15–21 Cloudy 0 mm 19 °C Gentle breeze from South 4 m/s
21–03 Cloudy 0 mm 19 °C Gentle breeze from South-southwest 4 m/s
28.09.2017 03–09 Rain 2 mm 20 °C Moderate breeze from Southwest 6 m/s
09–15 Partly cloudy 0 mm 18 °C Gentle breeze from Southwest 5 m/s
15–21 Partly cloudy 0 mm 21 °C Gentle breeze from West 5 m/s
21–03 Fair 0 mm 15 °C Light breeze from West 3 m/s