Kuwait City Airport Reviews


Kuwait City Airport Reviews

Kuwait International Airport (Arabic: مطار الكويت الدولي‎, IATA: KWI, ICAO: OKBK) is located in Farwaniyah, Kuwait, 15.5 kilometers (9.6 mi) south of Kuwait City. Kuwait City Airport serves as hub for Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways. A portion of the airport complex is designated as Al Mubarak Air Base, which contains the headquarters of the Kuwait Air Force, as well as the Kuwait Air Force Museum.

The Kuwait City Airport main airport structure was executed and completed by Al Hani Construction joint venture with Ballast Nedam, Holland. Kuwait International Airport can currently handle more than seven million passengers a year. A new general aviation terminal was completed in 2008 under a BOT scheme and is operated by Royal Aviation. By the end of 2008, however, this terminal was modified to handle the scheduled services of now-defunct Wataniya Airways along with general aviation traffic. The Kuwait City Airport terminal was renamed as Sheikh Saad Terminal.

In 2011, the Department of Civil Aviation announced the intention of extending Kuwait International Airport so it can handle more passengers and more aircraft. In December 2012 the Kuwaiti Ministry of Public Works announced that the new Terminal at the Kuwait International Airport will be completed by the end of 2016, estimating the cost to be around 900 million Kuwaiti Dinar ($3.2 billion).


ATMs / Cash Machines – Information not available
Car Rentals – Information not available
Currency Exchange – Information not available
Food / Dining – airside contains several 24 hours duty free shops plus McDonalds, Chilis and other restaurants. Landside a shopping mall experience with outlets, restaurants, banks, telecom shops, barber shop even a flower shop. And all of those stores operates 24 hours.
Information Desk – Information not available
Luggage Storage / Lockers – not available
Showers – not available
Internet: Free WiFi is available at Kuwait Airport.

Airport Hours:
Open 24 hours

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Kuwait City Airport Weather Forecast

Forecast for Kuwait_Internationalairport

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Forecast for Kuwait_Internationalairport  Precip. Temp. Wind speed
21.11.2017 08–12 Cloudy 0 mm 21 °C Light breeze from South 2 m/s
12–18 Cloudy 0 mm 25 °C Moderate breeze from South 8 m/s
18–24 Rain showers 3 mm 22 °C Moderate breeze from South-southeast 7 m/s
22.11.2017 00–06 Partly cloudy 0 mm 19 °C Light air from West 2 m/s
06–12 Rain showers 1 mm 17 °C Light breeze from South-southwest 3 m/s
12–18 Fair 0 mm 22 °C Light breeze from Northwest 2 m/s
18–24 Fair 0 mm 20 °C Light breeze from East 2 m/s
23.11.2017 00–06 Fair 0 mm 17 °C Gentle breeze from Northwest 5 m/s
06–12 Clear sky 0 mm 15 °C Gentle breeze from Northwest 5 m/s
12–18 Clear sky 0 mm 20 °C Gentle breeze from North-northwest 5 m/s
15–21 Clear sky 0 mm 20 °C Moderate breeze from Northwest 6 m/s
21–03 Clear sky 0 mm 14 °C Light breeze from West-northwest 3 m/s
24.11.2017 03–09 Clear sky 0 mm 11 °C Light breeze from West-southwest 2 m/s
09–15 Fair 0 mm 16 °C Light breeze from West-southwest 2 m/s
15–21 Clear sky 0 mm 21 °C Light breeze from West-northwest 3 m/s
21–03 Clear sky 0 mm 15 °C Light breeze from West-northwest 2 m/s
25.11.2017 03–09 Clear sky 0 mm 12 °C Light breeze from North-northwest 3 m/s
09–15 Clear sky 0 mm 17 °C Light breeze from Northwest 3 m/s
15–21 Partly cloudy 0 mm 21 °C Gentle breeze from North 4 m/s
21–03 Cloudy 0 mm 16 °C Gentle breeze from North 3 m/s
26.11.2017 03–09 Cloudy 0 mm 16 °C Gentle breeze from North 5 m/s
09–15 Cloudy 0 mm 17 °C Gentle breeze from North 4 m/s
15–21 Cloudy 0 mm 17 °C Gentle breeze from North 5 m/s
21–03 Partly cloudy 0 mm 16 °C Gentle breeze from North-northwest 4 m/s