Brunei Airport Reviews


Brunei Airport Reviews

Brunei International Airport (Malay: Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Brunei; Jawi: لاڤڠن تربڠ انتارابڠسا بروني ) (IATA: BWN, ICAO: WBSB) is the primary airport in the nation of Brunei. The Royal Brunei Air Force is also based at the Rimba Air Base which is located in the Brunei International Airport. It serves destinations across Asia and Oceania, with the only airport outside these continents being London Heathrow Airport (via Dubai).

Commercial air transport in Brunei began in 1953, with the establishment of air service links connecting Bandar Seri Begawan with Anduki in the Belait District. Initial flights to Malaysia were made to accommodate travellers from Labuan in Sabah and Lutong in Sarawak. Airport services were operated from the Berakas area at an old runway site built by the Japanese during World War II. It was known then as the Brunei Airport.

The airport consists of an international terminal which can handle up to 2 million passengers, a cargo terminal with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes of cargo and a royal terminal where the sultan’s flight is based at. In 2005, Brunei International Airport handled 1.3 million passengers.


ATMs / Cash Machines – Location: Departure Hall, close to the excess luggage counter
Car Rentals – Hertz. Location: Arrivals Hall.
Currency Exchange – Location: Departure Hall Hours: open 24 hours
Food / Dining – There are restaurants and a bar. Locations are unknown.
Parent’s Room
Information Desk – The Information and Customer Service counters are located in the departures lobby.
Prayer Room – Location: Departure Hall, on the ground floor
Showers – Information not available
Smoking – There are smoking areas in the Departure Hall.
Transit Day Rooms – Location: Departure Hall, ground floor
Internet: Free WiFi is available at the Brunei Airport in the lounge, restaurants and cafe. It is available elsewhere for a fee. Internet Cafe offers internet enabled workstations for a fee.

Airport Hours:
Open 24 hours

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Brunei Airport Weather Forecast

Forecast for Brunei~1820821

Hotel Brunei~1820821

Forecast for Brunei~1820821  Precip. Temp. Wind speed
25.02.2018 07–12 Rain 1 mm 24 °C Light breeze from East-northeast 2 m/s
12–18 Rain 3 mm 26 °C Light breeze from North-northeast 3 m/s
18–24 Cloudy 0 mm 26 °C Gentle breeze from Northeast 3 m/s
26.02.2018 00–06 Rain 2 mm 26 °C Light breeze from Northeast 2 m/s
06–12 Partly cloudy 0 mm 24 °C Light air from Northeast 1 m/s
12–18 Rain 1 mm 28 °C Light breeze from North-northwest 2 m/s
18–24 Rain 4 mm 26 °C Light breeze from North 3 m/s
27.02.2018 00–06 Partly cloudy 0 mm 24 °C Light breeze from South-southeast 2 m/s
06–12 Partly cloudy 0 mm 24 °C Light breeze from South-southwest 2 m/s
12–18 Heavy rain 5 mm 28 °C Light breeze from West-southwest 2 m/s
18–24 Cloudy 0 mm 26 °C Light air from West-southwest 1 m/s
28.02.2018 02–08 Heavy rain 5 mm 24 °C Light breeze from South 2 m/s
08–14 Light rain <1 mm 25 °C Light air from Southwest 1 m/s
14–20 Cloudy 0 mm 28 °C Light breeze from Northwest 3 m/s
20–02 Rain 3 mm 27 °C Light breeze from North-northeast 2 m/s
01.03.2018 02–08 Partly cloudy 0 mm 25 °C Light air from East-southeast 1 m/s
08–14 Rain 1 mm 26 °C Light breeze from East 2 m/s
14–20 Rain 3 mm 28 °C Gentle breeze from North 3 m/s
20–02 Light rain <1 mm 26 °C Light air from East 1 m/s
02.03.2018 02–08 Partly cloudy 0 mm 24 °C Light breeze from South 2 m/s
08–14 Cloudy 0 mm 25 °C Light air from South-southeast 1 m/s
14–20 Light rain <1 mm 29 °C Light breeze from North-northwest 3 m/s
20–02 Heavy rain showers 8 mm 26 °C Light air from Northeast 1 m/s