Syrianair Reviews


Syrianair Reviews

Syrian Arab Airlines (Arabic: مؤسسة الطيران العربية السورية‎), operating as SyrianAir (Arabic: السورية‎), is the flag carrier airline of Syria. It operates scheduled international services to several destinations in Asia, Europe and North Africa, the number of flights operated has seriously declined due to the turmoil in Syria. SyrianAir used to serve over 50 destinations worldwide in recent years. Its main base is Damascus International Airport and Aleppo International Airport. SyrianAir has a fleet of eight passenger aircraft, consisting of six Airbus and two ATR. SyrianAir is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization and Arabesk Airline Alliance. SyrianAir has orders for new Tupolev, Ilyushin and Antonov aircraft, although deliveries have been delayed by the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Most of Syrianair’s flights are multiple-leg flights involving either a stop in Aleppo, a combination of international destinations with fifth freedom rights, or triangular routings. This route structure comes in sharp contrast to the current practices of modern airlines, which tend to focus on high-yield, high frequency nonstop flights evolving around a strategic hub. The airline, which is just completing its fleet modernization, will also need to catch up with modern marketing methods, revamp its in-flight service and become more profit conscious. With a workforce exceeding 4,000 employees, SyrianAir, which revenues nevertheless exceeded 171 million dollars in 2003, remains over-staffed. In 2004, and despite a difficult regional situation and U.S. sanctions, the airline improved its performance, carrying 1.07 million passengers. Syrian air carried close to 1.4 million passengers by 2005 however the number of passengers being carried declined to less than 740,000 passengers by 2009. Plans were made for the renewal of the fleet with the possible acquisition of several new Airbus aircraft in order to replace the ageing Boeing 727 and 747s. These plans were hampered by the reinforcement of a U.S.-led embargo against Syria, and fleet renewal using Russian equipment was being reconsidered. By 2012, Syrian Air had retired all its old Boeing 747,727 and Tupolev aircraft, leaving SyrianAir with just 8 aircraft in its fleet, 2 ATR’s and 6 Airbus A320’s. The company has its head office on the fifth floor of the Social Insurance Building in Damascus. SyrianAir has shares in other airlines such as Syrian Pearl Airways and Cham Wings.

Syrianair airline is developing a Tourism Tower, near Damascus, which will enable it to be used as Tourist Accommodation as well as Tourist Transit.

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