SunExpress Reviews


SunExpress Reviews

Güneş Ekspress Havacılık A.Ş., doing business as SunExpress, is a Turkish airline based in Antalya, Turkey. SunExpress decided to invest in its building and SunExpress Plaza was built in June 2012. The new SunExpress building is “environmental friendly” and is located in a natural setting. The architectural theme of the building is transparency and naturalness, therefore each room has been designed so that it has access to natural light and fresh air. Antalya’s famous sun is also a source for clean energy inside the building.

SunExpress which has its principal office registered in Antalya on the Turkish Riviera plans next year to go to the starting line with a German daughter: the airline received approval from its board of directors to establish “SunExpress Deutschland GmbH”, which will be located in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt and will commence operations in the summer of 2011 with initially 3 Boeing 737-800’s. An application has been submitted to the German Federal Aviation Administration accordingly. The airline was established in October 1989 and started operations in April 1990 with a charter service between Antalya and Frankfurt. SunExpress was founded as a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. In 1995, Lufthansa transferred its SunExpress shares to Condor to group all tourist flights under a single unit. In February 2007, all Condor shares were retaken by Lufthansa. The owners of SunExpress are 50% Turkish Airlines and 50% Lufthansa. With 886 employees the company is the largest employer in Antalya. SunExpress counts 393 employees in Izmir, 299 in Istanbul, 178 in Ankara, 42 in Anatolian cities and 334 in Frankfurt, Germany. The total SunExpress workforce number is 2.132 with other domestic bases. SunExpress is certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 10002 (Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Assessment). In addition, SunExpress holds an IOSA registration with IATA (High Safety Standards), and its internal processes have been audited by an international system to assess airlines’ organizational processes and management systems. These process-oriented management systems are applied throughout the company and controlled by professional quality management.

SunExpress operates scheduled and chartered passenger flights to various destinations in Europe, Asia and North Africa.

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