Southwest Airlines Reviews


Southwest Airlines Reviews

Southwest Airlines Co. is a major U.S. airline and the world’s largest low-cost carrier, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The airline was established in 1967 and adopted their current name in 1971. The airline has more than 46,000 employees as of August 2012 and operates more than 3,400 flights per day. As of June 5, 2011, it carries the most domestic passengers of any U.S. airline. As of August 2013, Southwest Airlines has scheduled service to 89 destinations in 42 states and Puerto Rico.

Southwest Airlines has solely operated Boeing 737s, except for a few years in the 1970s and 1980s, when they operated a few Boeing 727s. As of August 2012, Southwest is the largest operator of the 737 worldwide with over 550 in service, each operating an average of six flights per day. In May 2011, Southwest acquired AirTran Airways, with integration of the carriers expected to be complete by 2014. On March 1, 2012, the company was issued a single operating certificate, technically becoming one airline. As of December 2013, Southwest Airlines operates scheduled service to 89 destinations in 42 states and Puerto Rico, the newest being Pensacola, Florida, Memphis, Tennessee and Richmond, Virginia, on November 3, 2013. Southwest does not use the more traditional “hub and spoke” flight routing system of most other major airlines, preferring instead the “Point to Point” system. It has notably large operations in certain airports. An average of 80 percent of Southwest passengers are local passengers, meaning only 20 percent of all passengers are connecting passengers. This is significantly higher than most airlines, where passengers often connect in hub cities. However, at Southwest’s focus cities, the percentage of connecting passengers can reach 30 percent.

The book was adapted into a stage musical, Show Your Spirit, sponsored by Southwest Airlines, and played only in cities serviced by the airline.

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