NIKI Reviews


NIKI Reviews

NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH, also known as flyNiki is a scheduled semi-lowcost airline and a subsidiary of Air Berlin, Germany’s second largest airline. It mainly serves business and some leisure destinations and is headquartered in Office Park I at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat, Wien-Umgebung, Austria. Niki operates charter services to leisure destinations in Europe and the Middle East from Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Linz on behalf of tour operators as well. Although it’s often called “low-cost”, it provides full service, like free refreshments, newspapers, baggage, etc.

The livery carries a distinctive cartoon insect at the front of the aircraft, and is meant to represent the ‘fly’ part of the catchphrase fly Niki. The airline has been owned by Air Berlin since 8 November 2011 and has 650 people working for them of which around 90% are employed through Labourpool Gmbh, a personnel leasing company. Staff turnover is generally high due to this structure being used as employees do not generally enjoy any protection and can be dismissed with a 6 week notice period. It also protects the airline against disgruntled ex-employees as they cannot sue against the airline as they are technically employees of Labourpool. The personnel manager of Niki also acts for Labourpool.

Niki operates services to leisure destinations in Europe (especially Greece and Spain) and Egypt from Vienna, Salzburg, Linz and Graz. Niki frequent flyer programme (called topbonus) is operated jointly with Air Berlin.

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