Israir Airlines Reviews


Israir Airlines Reviews

Israir Airlines Ltd. (Hebrew: ישראייר‎), usually referred to as Israir, is an airline based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It operates domestic scheduled and air taxi flights from Sde Dov Airport, Haifa Airport, Ben Gurion Airport, and Eilat Airport, as well as international charter services from Ben Gurion International Airport to Europe and Asia. It also operates VIP flights, and is Israel’s third-largest airline after El Al Israel Airlines and Arkia Israel Airlines, employing some 350 staff. The airline is said to have modeled itself on US low-cost carrier JetBlue.

Israir Airlines was established in 1989 as Knafei HaEmek (Valley Wings) before changing its name to Israir Airlines in 1996. It is now wholly owned by the Ganden Group. The airline began with domestic services from Eilat Airport, Ben Gurion International Airport, Sde Dov Airport, and Haifa Airport in the north of the country. It expanded its operations to begin international charter flights in 1999, building up a route network that now covers much of Europe, as well as regularly flying to other destinations in Asia, Africa, and North America. In early 2008, when restrictions were lifted on Israeli airlines’ destinations, Israir applied for designated carrier status on routes from Israel to London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam, Rome, Budapest, Las Vegas, and Miami – some of which are destinations currently served by the airline as charter routes.

Israir received the first of the two ATR 72 aircraft it had on order in early July 2011, with the second one expected to follow late in the month.

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